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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a somewhat common disorder that has a profound affect on many children each year. As a result, the children’s performance and engagement in classroom settings is often not on a a level that it should be.

ADHD can result in quite a few symptoms and issues that prevent a kid from having a satisfactory engagement level during school time. While many parents seek to remedy this with medications and therapies, other methods can be used as well. One of the most effective is the use of ADHD seat cushions, sometimes called “wiggle seats.”

Therapy and medication are often highly effective in addressing the root causes of ADHD, but items such as wiggle seats can be used either by themselves, or in conjunction with these other methods.

These small and simple seats are highly portable, meaning that the child can bring it with them to numerous locations, even outside of the classroom if need be. Wiggle seats work the same in any setting, and provide a way to both restrict bothersome movements from ADHD, and stimulate the mind to better focus.

Why do Children with ADHD Constantly Move Around?

Children with ADHD seem to always have a need to be moving, whether it’s tapping on a desk incessantly, shaking a foot, or wiggling around in their chair. Some kids may even feel the need to constantly be up and moving around during class.

All of these things can be distracting for other students, while making the child appear to be misbehaved when they otherwise wouldn’t be. This can result in the child being frustrated even more, leading to more behavioral and academic issues.

Other children may not be as outwardly expressing with their lack of focus, but struggle with it all the same. The reason many children act this was through movements is because the movements actually cause their brain to be more engaged.

This means that a child with ADHD who is constantly fidgeting or moving around is doing so because it actually helps them to maintain better focus and concentration. This is where the wiggle seat comes in.

Ok. So How do Wiggle Seats Help with ADHD?

Wiggle seats are designed to provide an unbalanced surface to sit on, along with some added sensory stimulation on the surface of the seat. The unbalanced and often inflated seat causes the child sitting on it to constantly work to maintain their balance.

This engages the core muscles, which then works as a way for the child to be engaged in a sort of minor physical activity. The constant balancing takes the place of wiggling and fidgeting around.

The result is a more engaged and focused mind, and a lessening of any outward physical actions and movements. This simple seat effectively lessens outward signs of ADHD, while instantly improving focus. This means a child with better outward behavior and better performance in the classroom.

This simple seat is growing in popularity across the country, with many teachers and school administrators recommending wiggle seats to parents of kids with ADHD. The seats are often very affordable, and easy for the child to use and bring with them to different classrooms and learning areas.

What are Different Types of ADHD Seat Cushions?

The rise in popularity of wiggle seats and chairs has resulted in an expanding market of products. There are now several different types available.

Bean Bag Wiggle Seats

These wiggle seats feature the same basic shape and concepts of many wiggle seats, but opt to use bean bag filling rather than air. While this may provide a certain measure of relief, the unbalanced surface can easily become too unbalanced, causing the child to work harder to maintain balance than they really should.

Because of this, bean bag wiggle seats can actually be counterproductive, and cause the child to be frustrated. It is recommended to avoid these in general.

Seat Wedges

Wiggle seat wedges use the same general idea of a wiggle seat, but they are also insufficient. These seats can be made from both stiff foam and inflatable plastic. They work by providing an angle in the seat, which does cause the child to work a bit for balance.

While these seat wedges do offer sensory stimulation and core work, they are not near as effective as other types of wiggle seats.

Inflatable Wiggle Seats

These types of wiggle seats are by far the most effective. The inflatable aspect allows the child to have an unbalanced surface that is in fact quite even. The inflation levels can be adjusted to provide just the right amount of stiffness or give.

This makes the seat very lightweight, and even able to be collapsed down for easier transport when needed. Inflatable wiggle seats also provide a better level of sensory stimulation from the nubs that are often found on their surface.

Why Our Wiggle Seat is the Best You’ll Find

At Sensory Solutions, we have carefully designed a versatile wiggle seat that can be used nearly anywhere, including when there isn’t even a seat to place it in. The 13” seat offers ample surface space, and works to effectively engage your child’s core area when sitting on it.

Our wiggle seats are completely inflatable, and easily adjusted to match your child’s preference. We even include an air pump with each order, something that you won’t find with other wiggle seat manufacturers.

The seats come in 8 different colors, giving your child a wide range of options when it comes to picking out their favorite color. This can help them be more comfortable with the seats while having a sense of ownership.

We’ve provided two distinct options for added sensory stimulation as well. One side of the seat has small nubs, while the other side has more nubs that are also much longer. This gives your child options depending on how they are feeling that day.

We make each seat using extra-durable PVC that is sure to provide your child with years of use while he or she grows.

An Affordable and Effective Solution to ADHD

We’ve worked to make our wiggle seat highly affordable at a low price of just $24.99. Each order includes one wiggle seat and a pump for inflation shipped right to your doorstep in just a few days.

Give your child a much-needed ally for their daily fight against ADHD! Order your wiggle seat today, and witness the immediate results it can provide for your child, both in the classroom and out.

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