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Being a parent of a child that has Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be difficult in more ways than one. First, there is the challenge of dealing with some of the behavioral issues that may result from it. Secondly, there is the actual issue of your child dealing with the disorder. It can be hard to watch them struggle in the classroom, or during any situation that requires focus.

While ADHD is indeed a challenge for both parent and child, there are number of ways to help lessen some of its symptoms, leading to a happier child who has an easier time doing things that are usually very difficult. One of the most simple devices you can use is what’s known as a wiggle chair.

ADHD Kid with His Teacher

Although it may have a somewhat odd name, wiggle chairs are one of the most effective tools you can use to help your child actively combat ADHD symptoms without the use of any therapy or expensive medications.

Is a wiggle chair right for your child? Let’s first examine some common symptoms and detriments of ADHD, and how they affect your child, particularly in the classroom.

The Effects of ADHD on Children

The first thing to know about ADHD is that it’s becoming an increasingly common disorder in children in the United States, to the tune of about 6.4 million diagnosed cases currently. While it may seem like ADHD is on the rise, the truth is that it’s become more understood and better diagnosed over the last few decades.

Before ADHD was as understood as it is now, it was common for parents to dismiss the symptoms of the disorder as their kids just being stubborn, badly behaved, or even a lower IQ. The growing understanding and research has gone a long way in helping families and their children better deal with it.

However, just because the diagnosis of ADHD is more prevalent than it used to be, the symptoms remain for those that have it.

Difficulty in the Classroom

Kids with ADHD are prime candidates to underperform in a classroom setting. The problems start with the child’s inability to sit, be still, and focus. Since the child has problems paying attention, the result is missing or neglecting to retain the information being presented.

This can be a huge issue by the time tests roll around. While focusing on the test may be hard enough, the situation is made even more difficult due to the fact that the child might not remember most of the information anyway. Everything can continue to snowball from there.
If left unchecked or untreated, your child’s grades could suffer, and also result in your son or daughter getting behind in the curriculum. The frustration can lead to behavioral issues as well.

Treating ADHD

ADHD is something that can be combatted in several ways, but the most common methods continue to be medications and certain types of therapies. These treatments have proven to be rather successful, but the symptoms can still remain, albeit in a lesser severity.

Certain products and devices such as wiggle chairs can provide an easy and highly effective way to help control and ease some of the most bothersome aspects of ADHD, whether or not your child is taking any medication, or getting therapy. These products tend to be economical, and can be used in conjunction with both medication and treatments, or by themselves.

How Wiggle Chairs Help with ADHD

If your child has ADHD, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how they always seem to be fidgeting, tapping, or wiggling while they are trying to pay attention to something. This is actually a natural instinct from someone with the disorder, as the movement is actually a way to stimulate the brain into focuses better.

Kids with ADHD tend to have a difficult time focusing when they have to be seated and remain completely still. The act of remaining still disengages their focus and leads to a general detachment when learning or engaging in anything they don’t find substantially interesting or exciting.

Unfortunately for a child, that notion usually applies to the majority of their schooling.

But here’s where the wiggle chair comes into play. The inflated chair has a slight texture on the surface, which already works to provide a certain amount of sensory stimulation. The angle and shape of the chair causes the child to engage their core section and balance themselves on top while sitting.


This stimulation actually sends signals to the brain to allow their minds to focus easier. What this means is that your child’s subconscious focusing on their posture and balance while sitting on the wiggle chair directly influences how their mind focuses. This makes the chair perfect for classroom settings.

Gentle Restriction of Movement and Urges

The act of balancing and utilizing the stomach muscles prevents your child from finding other outlets for movement, such as wiggling and fidgeting. Your child will remain seated in the chair, but be engaged in just enough physical activity to not only engage their mind better, but avoid excessive or otherwise distracting movements.

It can be very embarrassing for a child when their teacher is constantly telling them to either sit down or quit being distracting when in their seat. Wiggle chairs catch the problem before it starts, directing the energy elsewhere, while also stimulating the mind.

What Makes Our Wiggle Chair the Best Available

As word continues to spread about their effectiveness, wiggle chairs have increased in popularity. In fact, it’s common for many teachers to recommend them to parents of children with ADHD, as they have seen the results first hand.

While demand for wiggle chairs continues to grow, this has also resulted in an abundance of inferior products. If you are in the market for a wiggle chair for your child, look no further than Sensory Solutions’ inflatable sensory chair cushion. This chair is made from PVC, and causes your child’s body to stabilize itself.

Versatile and Adjustable

Our wiggle chair comes in a 13” size that makes it perfect for nearly any chair or surface. The inflatability of the chair makes it easy to adjust for your child’s preference, while also allowing for their growth over time. We’ve even thrown in a free air pump to make your inflating a little easier.

This chair is available in 8 different colors, allowing your child to choose their favorite.

Dual-Sided Surface

The wiggle chair features two different surfaces with different sensory textures to match your child’s mood or preference. One side is relatively smooth with small bumps, while the other side has longer nubs.

An Affordable and Reliable Ally in the Fight Against ADHD

Our wiggle chair is a reliable device that can be taken just about anywhere your child will be sitting, from classrooms to restaurants. The difference the chair makes is immediately noticeable, and never dwindles over time.

Your child will be happy from how well the chair helps them, and you’ll be happy to see your child flourish with its use. The chair can be used for any child with ADHD, regardless if they are on medication for it or not. While the wiggle chair can be used in nearly any seat, it can also be used without one if desired.

Our wiggle chair is incredibly affordable. For just $24.99, you can have a wiggle chair sent directly to your home, and have it ready to use in just a few minutes. Order your wiggle chair now to see the immediate results it will provide for your child for years to come!

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