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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects millions of kids in the United States alone each year. According to the CDC, the actual is around 6.4 million who have actually been diagnosed. While the exact causes of ADHD are not fully known, many would agree that the problem seems to be growing.

Fortunately, research and awareness of ADHD has led to numerous inventions and treatments that can help to minimize the issue. One of the most practical devices a child can use is something known as a wiggle seat.

These wiggle seats can be placed in nearly any chair, and work as a way to stimulate the child’s core area while absorbing some movement and fidgeting. The result is a minimization of the disorder, especially during learning situations. More and more parents are becoming aware of wiggle seats, and their use is becoming more widespread each day.

Symptoms of ADHD in Children

The National Institute of Mental Health defines ADHD as a brain disorder that is marked by an ongoing and noticeable pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.

Children with ADHD can have an especially hard time in the classroom. Irritability, impulsivity, and a general lack of restraint can sometimes cause them to be disruptive during class. Even if the child remains well-behaved in general, ADHD can still cause absent-mindedness, short attention spans, and difficulty paying attention.

Child Drawing While Sitting on Wiggle Seat

Over time, ADHD can lead to poor grade and performance in school, and plenty of frustration on all sides.

This increasing amount of children dealing with ADHD is likely as much from increased awareness as it is the growing of the disorder in general. What was once written off as kids being troublesome, difficult, stubborn, or even unintelligent, has now been researched and analyzed, resulting in a much better understanding and diagnosis.


Treatments for ADHD vary greatly. Some parents prefer to have their child engage in different types of therapy. Others rely on the use of medications to help balance out chemicals in the brain and nervous system. The treatments vary in effectiveness for each child, and are always evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

While these treatments are aimed at addressing or correcting the root cause for ADHD, there are certain products and methods that can be used to lessen the symptoms of it.

Products and devices such as wiggle seats can offer an instant measure of relief and effectiveness in reducing many of the outward symptoms of ADHD. This can be incredibly helpful for parents who would rather not deal with medications, or aren’t able to have their child engage in therapy as often as they’d like.

Other parents simply may not be able to afford some of the expensive medications and therapies on a consistent basis. In this case, products such as a wiggle seat or kids can be a godsend.

Still even if a child is taking medication and getting other treatments, wiggle seats are just as effective, and work synergistically to attain even better results.

What Exactly is a Wiggle Seat?

Wiggle seats are removable and transportable seat cushions that work to improve posture while also absorbing fidgeting and engaging the stomach and core muscles. They provide a sort of sensory stimulation for the child, through both the slight bounciness and the texture of the seat itself. Wiggle seats with a bumpy texture are generally more effective.

Children that are having trouble focusing tend to wiggle and fidget as a way to maintain alertness. Think of it as something similar to how a someone driving a car might shake their head or move around in their seat when getting tired.

Wiggle seats counteract this by giving the child stimulation in their core. The seats force the child to maintain their balance while allowing for some wiggling and fidgeting.The constant balancing then stimulates the child’s brain and allows easier focusing. This eases hyperactivity while providing extra stimulation that fosters better attention.

These seats are very versatile, and can easily be brought along for a variety of activities, whether it’s for a seat at school, at a movie theater, or while out to dinner.

A Superior and Comfortable Wiggle Chair for Kids of All Ages

We at Sensory Solutions have designed a highly effective and versatile wiggle seat for kids with ADHD. The seat is designed to be very comfortable, while still providing core and sensory stimulation for your child, regardless of where they are sitting.

Our wiggle seat can help your child stay calm and focused from any location. The seat is highly portable, and can easily be inflated in quick fashion.


The wiggle seats are available in 8 different vibrant colors, enabling your child to pick their own color and give them a sense of ownership and comfort with their wiggle seat. This sense of ownership can be very helpful if they are being apprehensive about using it.

The wiggle seat is 13” in diameter, and can fit into most any chair or seat your child will encounter. We’ve included an air pump to make inflating the seat easier, which also allows you to make adjustments to the level of inflation to better suit your child’s needs and growing size.


Many other wiggle seats the you may encounter are made with only one textured side. We know that different kids want different things, sometimes on the same day. Because of this, we’ve designed the wiggle seat to have two different and distinct surfaces with differing textures.

One side has a surface full of subtle bumps, while the other side contains longer and more raised nubs that provide a more intense sensory experience.

Performance for Kids and Value for Parents

Parents who are looking for an easy and simple way to improve their child’s classroom performance and behavior will be very satisfied with our wiggle seats. While they are able to be used nearly anywhere, the growing popularity of our wiggle seats in classrooms is a testament to their effectiveness.

We’ve priced our wiggle seats to be affordable enough to easily order additional ones if needed, whether it’s for multiple kids, or as a way to have the seats in multiple locations. The low price of $24.99 gets you one seat and air pump shipped right to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Order your wiggle seat now to witness the improvement in your child’s behavior and attention span, and experience the joy that comes from a happy child who thrives better in a variety of situations, both in the class and out!

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